GX Bentone High Temp EP Grease
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GX Bentone High Temp EP Grease is a smooth texture, superior quality, multi-purpose high temperature grease designed to withstand high temperature/heavy loads for good performance in automotive and industrial lubrication applications. It has good metal adhesiveness (“tackiness”) and high water tolerance; it is not leached out of the grease by water and absorbed water does not affect consistency.

An important property of GX Bentone High Temp EP Grease is that they do not melt allowing particular applications in steel mills, cement plants, glass plants or where high temperature are likely. This high performance grease offer exceptional performance to the user and satisfy multiple equipment applications.


GX Bentone High Temp EP Grease is recommended for all industrial and automotive machineries, construction applications, electric motor, bearings and gears, heavy loaded applications, steel mills, marine, aircraft, etc.

Typical Physical Properties

NLGI Grade Worked Penetration
@ 25 °C / 77 °F
Appearance Semi-fluid to Soft
Thickener / Soap Type Inorganic, Non-Melt
Structure Smooth
Color Red and Brown
Base Oil Viscosity cSt at 100 °C (212 °F) Minimum 20
Dropping Point Above 260 °C / 500 °F
Viscosity Index 95 - 105
Water Resistant Yes / Excellent
Timken OK Load 22 kgs (GX Bentone Grease)
28 kgs (GX Bentone EP Grease)

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