Cleaning Machine Process
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Using conveyor cleaning machine with ultrasonic can remove oil effectively.
  • Recycle process can help customers save cost and solve disposal problem.
  • Cleaning machine can clean the oil and dry the part in one stop solution.
  • Explosion proof

  • Custom made to meet customer requirement.
  • Rectangle basket
  • Barrel basket


Load/Unload Station
  • Driven by motor or using pneumatic cylinder complete with sensor
  • Manual operated
  • Pre-wash, washing, Rinsing, Airblow, Drying ( vaccum oven, hot air oven, indexing oven)


Hydrocarbon recycle machine

Vacuum distillation and in-direct heating method (Heat Medium Oil)

  • Explosion proof
  • High temperature automatic shut down
  • Chiller Water Heat Exchange to bring down the solvent temperature
  • Recycled rate 40-60 litre per hour

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